Election Aftermath: Top 3 ways The Bar Method will help you get through the next 4 years

girl stretching in barre class

On November 8, we the people, elected a new president to govern our country for the next four years. No matter which side of the ballot you voted for, I think it’s fair to say we are all happy the election is over. However, we are left with an overwhelming feeling of stress, anger, vulnerability and disappointment. Even if you voted for the president-elect, Donald Trump, I imagine you’ve been negatively impacted in your social, professional or personal life in some small or significant way by this election and how nasty it was. That circus wasn’t fun for anyone to watch. So, now what?

Being in the health/fitness industry and having the privilege to own and operate a Bar Method studio, I feel a great sense of duty to inform you (or remind you) about the unspoken, stress reducing benefits of The Bar Method. There’s no better time to take good care of ourselves and set an example for those who are looking up to us. I don’t want my friends and family (especially the women in my life) walking around with their heads down, backs hunched, and spirits broken by this change in power for America.
I’ve been a Bar Method loyalist for over 10 years not just because it’s completely changed the look of my body. It’s helped me manage stress, minimize feelings of anger, sit a little more comfortably with vulnerability and deal with disappointment. The benefits of The Bar Method go way beyond the ballet bar and the balls of your feet. In fact, the psychological benefits of The Bar Method are more noteworthy and important than some of the physical benefits, in my opinion.

Here are the top 3 ways The Bar Method will help you get through the next four years:

1. Improves Your Posture

Stress is terrible. It affects all of us and shows up physically in many ways like tight muscles, low energy and poor posture. It’s a vicious cycle because stress is the cause and the effect of the above and when not managed, can and will lead to greater physical and emotional problems. The Bar Method effectively reduces stress by working your posture muscles in every class. A recent study published in “Health Psychology” proved sitting upright with good posture in the face of stress can help you maintain self-esteem and improve your mood. Who knows, your chipper mood may rub off on those around you setting off a ripple effect of stress-free living.

2. Refocuses Your Energy

We all get angry and that’s okay. It’s how you manage your anger that’s more important. Make The Bar Method your happy place when you’re pissed. Taking class frees up space in your mind to either not think about what’s bothering you or think more clearly about what’s bothering you. The fast pace and the graceful flow of class forces you to stay present and focused for one hour. Chances are after your workout you’ll be just a little more balanced and calm, prepared to face the conflict awaiting you. Besides, I don’t need to tell you how satisfying it is to squeeze that little white ball between your thighs when you’re mad at the world!

3. Strengthens Your Character

Let’s face it, we are all a little vulnerable every time we take class. The fear of not knowing what we are doing, or not being strong enough or flexible enough or as thin as the other girls in class exists in most of us. We all have some level of fear when we start something new or stick with something we haven’t mastered yet. Bar Method teachers are your biggest cheerleaders and are there with you every step of the way, encouraging you to leap out of your comfort zone and truly see yourself as a strong, beautiful, capable person. We don’t want you to check your fears at the door but instead reveal your strengths by exposing your vulnerabilities. When you work hard in class and accomplish things you never thought possible like completing 30 push-ups on the balls of your feet or a whole set of thigh without stopping, you will begin to notice you’re more self-aware, less self-conscious and more connected to the people around you. This awareness helps you realize we are all more connected than we are divided and are just doing our best to get through this crazy thing called life.

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