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Last Friday I introduced our fitness challenge partner, Urban Remedy, and shared a couple recipes directly from The Bar Method blog. This week, I’m sharing Cindy Crawford’s collaboration with Urban Remedy, “Cindy Crawford’s Essentials.” I get asked frequently what my diet looks like, what I eat before and after class, or if I can recommend a good cleanse. I think there are a lot of great products and cleanses (juice and food) on the market. Urban Remedy is offering all of us a 10% discount throughout the fitness challenge (PROMO CODE: BARMETHOD) on ANY online purchase. So, I thought it would be a great time to explore “Cindy Crawford’s Essentials” meal plan to see if it’s something I would consider purchasing as a healthy reset after a week or two of indulging or as a reset at the beginning of each month to jump-start the month on a healthy note.


To be clear, I’m not an affiliate for this product, but our headquarters in San Francisco facilitated a partnership with the brand for our fitness challenge and secured a 10% discount (PROMO CODE: BARMETHOD) for all bar method students!

The meal plan comes with:

3 cold­ brewed coffees and teas
3 breakfast meals in a bottle
7 ready­-to­-go lunch and dinner items
3 satisfying snacks
3 green juices

You can either choose to purchase one ­time or subscribe to regular deliveries based on a frequency you select. All of the food and juice offered on Urban Remedy are low glycemic, which is so important for laying a foundation of a healthy endocrine system. What I love about this company and why I’m interested in purchasing this meal plan at least once or even as a monthly subscription is that they are developing a lifestyle brand and not just a juice company. You can sense that their main goal is to educate people and help them sift through the plethora of information, fads, and cleanses that eventually overwhelm people and ultimately, turn them off.

Urban Remedy uses simple, organic ingredients that aren’t intimidating. I personally love trying new “cleanse recipes” like Cindy Crawford’s Essentials at least once to try the food, learn more about what I like and dislike and then use the recipes I love regularly. Trying new meal plans like this gives me more to work with in my own diet and it’s how I’ve started to figure out what healthy options and food combos I love to eat and work for my body. Otherwise, I would still be thinking tuna fish and crackers is a healthy lunch.

Watch Cindy unbox her meal plan and show you how she integrates it into her busy day with meetings, kids, etc. Oh, and her house is pretty amazing too. #goals



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